Duke City CrossFit History

Issac had his CFL1 (CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate) and started coaching out of his garage with some used and homemade equipment while the others were waiting to get their CFL1. As soon as everybody got their certificate we transitioned to a small park in West Gate and quickly grew out of that park and made a new home at Tiguex Park in Old Town.

We started a group on MeetUp.com called Battle Ready which was created to prepare fire fighter applicants for their upcoming physical test for the Fire Department and we are proud to say that we had a huge success rate with those who trained with us the whole time. Coach Vince is one of those candidates that trained with us and got hired on with the Fire Department.

We quickly realized that we had something special going on here and we were achieving our goals of helping others get fit. The class at the park had a strong base of friends/founding members who wanted to work out with us (There are a few that are still with us and are recognized with the “Tiguex Origional” shirts) the classes quickly grew through word of mouth and within 6 months Duke City CrossFIt was born.

We rented out a 3,000 sqft space (2000 sqft gym) and had our 1st WOD on Oct 3, 2011.  But within 12 months the walls could not contain all the awesomeness that the members brought and we were forced to knock down a wall.

And then within another 12 months that too would not last long so we added another space which host CrossFit Kids, Olympic lifting and Competitive Fitness Classes.

We are proud of the community that Duke City CrossFit has become in our short history, and we look forward to all that the future has for us!

2010 Tiguex Park

2011 Original Space

2012 1st expansion

1st expansion.jpg

2013 Busting at the Seams

2014 2nd Expansion