I have been with Duke City CrossFit since 2011 and currently serve as the Event Coordinator and CrossFit Kids.  I am married to my stud of a husband, Lorenzo and together we created two cute little guys named Cain and Jonah. We also have the best dog a family could ask for, Devo.

CrossFit has improved my life in many ways.  From diet principles to complex Olympic lifts, I’m always learning how to improve and test my limits.  Shortly after my start at DCCF, I became pregnant with Cain.  I actively trained throughout the pregnancy and credit my CrossFit training to a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and quick return to the box.  I love sharing my story and encouraging other women to stay active and healthy throughout ALL stages of their lives.

I also serve as a coach for the CrossFit Kids program and am passionate about helping our kids build confidence through physical activity. I believe in helping our kids understand that they are capable of so much physically and that it is not a matter of “can’t” just a “not yet” in most cases.

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer