If you didn’t already know, now you do. Anna is a bad ass!  The CrossFit games Open is officially over! Anna finished 50th out of more than 6,600 female athletes in our region which includes, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. 

Anna best placement was 31st on 16.1 and worst was 16.4 at 101 with an average of 71st over all 5 wods! This is a huge accomplishment. If you were lucky enough to be around when she completed the Open WODs you would have got to see what an athlete with heart and strong mind looks like. To see her fight for each rep and overcome the mental battle was inspiring to say the least. 

For almost anybody else to achieve this level of fitness and to place this high on the leaderboard you would have to train a couple times a day and not have any other responsibilities other than work or school, but Anna is different. 

Anna is balancing beinga Wife, Mother, amazing friend, Coach and creating one of the most welcoming CrossFit gyms around (Box Manager) After putting all this as a priority on her list she is an athlete and takes the time for herself and her fitness. This is what makes her story so great. 

Congratulations Anna!!! and thank you for inspiring us all to be better. When you see Anna be sure to let her know how awesome she is! Oh and Did I mention that today is her Birthday?