During a goal setting class we were talking about declarations and the power that words and thoughts have on us everyday. A declaration is the act of making an official statement about something: the act of declaring something. When you make a declaration and put it out there your mind will receive it and in return you will become the declaration.

When you wake up how often do you declare “I am tired”?  That simple phrase will indeed keep you tired, your subconscious mind will take those words and you will be tired. Anytime you use words like, “will”, “am”, “is”, your conscious mind is sending that to your subconscious and you are acting it out. A simple change of words like, I feel tired can change the world, sure you feel tired but it’s a feeling and those change before you know it you are awake and ready to take on the world!


Now that you know the power of making a declaration you can focus on positive thoughts and in return you will receive positive results. During our session we were to make positive declarations like “I am confident”, “I am fun” etc. After these examples were given, Irene, who was leading the class turned to me and said, now you go. I was put on the spot and the only thing I could think of was “I AM A BEAST” and i said it with confidence and without hesitation. Why a beast?

Freedom: A beast is an Apex predator, free to roam, and present in every moment. A beast does not concern itself with the opinions of others. A beast is free and confident in its own skin. They love what they do.

Confidence: On top of its game, the beast is confident, inside and out. They radiate confidence and earn the respect of all who are around. 

Hungry/Driven: We all have to eat, but a beast is driven and will not give up until it is fed and satisfied and will have that same drive everyday, it is consistent, it has to be or it will die.

Strong: You have to be, if you are going roam as an Apex predator, there is no weakness.  The mind, body, and spirit are all strong and if there is any weakness the beast will fix it. 

Takes Action: If a beast is hungry it will hunt!.  A beast takes action, is clear in its intentions and will act upon its desires.

Community: A beast is surrounded by a PRIDE, that word alone is strong. A beast surrounds itself with other beasts who carry each other to the top.

These are a few qualities of a beast that stand out when I sat and thought about why that came out so effortlessly. It was a declaration that sums up all that I am and the mindset I am on. I encourage you to live a life of freedom, do what you love, if it doesn't make you happy, question why you are doing it. Be confident in who you are, you are the only you, there is no other like you, embrace it with confidence. Be consistent in all that you do, and always have the drive to pursue your passion. Take care of your mind, body and soul. Workout, meditate and surround yourself with greatness (you are who you hangout with) and always take action….. BE A BEAST!