I was listening to a Lewis Howes Podcast with Bedros Keuilian and he mentioned the words Decide, Discipline and Dominate. I heard this and something clicked in my head - a lightbulb turned on! These 3 words can literally change your mindset and allow you to achieve whatever it is that you desire. I will use fitness as an example. 

Decide: The first thing you need to do is make a decision. Decide what it is that you want. Decide with definite purpose. Be detailed in what you want, “I think, I want…” or “maybe I will” have no room in your decision.  Make a bold statement and say “I will” or better yet say it like it is already happening “I am…” If fitness is what you decided to bring into your life, you could say, “I am living a life of fitness”.

Discipline: You made a decision on what it is that you want, now you have to have discipline, or commitment to your decision. Deciding you want something is not enough, you have to have discipline in every action to achieve what it is that you decided you want. You made the decision to get fit and live a lifestyle of fitness, now you have to be disciplined every day by working out and eating right.  Had a long day at work and thinking about skipping out on your workout? Don’t! You have to have the discipline to do it anyways. Discipline in what you want will become a habit.  Eventually it will become easy! Be strong and remember your desires. 

Dominate: This is key. You made a decision based on definite purpose; you have been disciplined in your actions to achieve your desire, now it’s time to DOMINATE!  At this point you are starting to feel good.  Your confidence is up and you are walking around with your head held high.  You are on top of your game. Everything seems to just be falling in place for you.  You are dominating your desire. You can’t stop here!  You have to continue to dominate or it will all go away and you will have to start all over.  You made a decision to live a life of fitness, you were disciplined, ate right and worked out and now you are fit, active and inspiring others to follow suit.  Congratulations, you dominated your goal and will continue to do so!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the 3 Ds to success. You can use these to achieve anything, all you have to do is decide, have discipline and then continue to dominate the path you are on. 

What is it that you want in life? Fitness? Better job? A raise? Better relationships? Give yourself 5 min of focused thought and use the 3 Ds to achieve YOUR success.

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