The Bell

There is a gold plated bell hanging in the middle of the box, with a braided synthetic fiber rope attached to a clapper that was placed to ring true for all new accomplishments (i.e. PR’s).  For some odd reason, the bell has remained dormant for some time.

Why aren’t we celebrating our accomplishments as a group?  After all, we are a community and I will be the first to say that Duke City has the best community period.  I have heard many people say that they are embarrassed to ring the bell.  I have heard that “it’s not that much weight compared to ____________.”  “I still can’t do it in a WOD.”  So many excuses for reasons not to celebrate our accomplishments, I feel we need to ring the bell for PR’ing on coming up with excuses.  As we are in the middle of the 2016 CrossFit Open, I have seen numerous PR’s from different people.  I have seen people get their first Bar Muscle up, their first double under, squat clean a weight they never could before.  But not once did I see anyone ring that bell.  What is a PR?  A PR is a “personal record.”  Hence the word “PERSONAL.”  It is the best that YOU have done.  If you have never jumped on a 12”box and today to do it, well congrats because you just PR’d.  If you add .5lbs to your bar today and you hit that snatch, well you just did something that you never did before, go ring that bell.  It doesn’t matter if it is light weight for others, for you it was a struggle and you did it.  Celebrate it!  CrossFit as a whole is an intimidating sport, and everyone steps into the box with movements they are struggling with and weights they cannot lift.  It is our job as the CrossFit community to push each other out of the comfort zone and celebrate success.  

“1% Better Every day,” is what we are striving for.  1% better than the person you were yesterday.  How do we accomplish this?  Set goals, write them down, share them with each other, make sure they are measurable goals, and let’s get together and tackle them.  Come into the box early and practice, stay late after class and practice.  Try to work out with individuals who will challenge you, teach you and push you.  Lift each other up, and don’t be afraid to fail.  If we aren’t failing, we aren’t trying……right?  You will never get better if you constantly keep the same plates on the bar or we never grab ahold of those rings.  Create short term and long term goals.  Create goals that are obtainable but always shoot for a few that are out of your reach, because eventually we will have climbed up that ladder of success, where those goals are now in our grasp.  

We all know that PR’s don’t come every day.  They may be far and few between.  So when we do achieve them, check that item off your mental list, and with your head held high, walk over to that bell, pull that rope and let it ring true that today…… YOU kicked ass!

-Coach Eric