The DCCF Bootcamp is a fitness class that will provide fun, functional training designed to get your heart rate and spirit up, while strengthening your entire body!  All sessions will be led by a certified CrossFit coach, which means you will be performing at your best!  You will receive instant feedback to keep you moving safely, all while having a blast in a fun, open environment.  

  • Each session is 1 hour, including warm-up, training and cool-down.

 This is functional fitness that will include body weight movements like squats, plyometrics, push-ups, and more! No experience is necessary.  The coaches are on-site to help guide you through each workout so that you are moving safely and having fun.  

How is Bootcamp different?

  • No CrossFit experience is necessary; in fact, this training is perfect for those not interested in using a barbell.
  • These sessions are suitable for all fitness levels. 
  • The bootcamp is a no-contract training program.  This means you pay for your month and then can decide to continue on a month-to-month basis.

What to bring?

Regular athletic wear (something you’re comfortable in!), a water bottle, and your smile!

How do I sign-up?

Follow the links above to sign up directly, or contact Anna via email at Anna@dukecitycrossfit.com or via phone at 505-933-9348 if you have any questions or concerns.