July 13, 14 & 15

The Conquest is a competition that will encourage you to challenge yourself both physically and mentally in pursuit of your health and overall fitness goals.

The Conquest will facilitate a healthy competition in a friendly environment where people come together to conquer their fitness goals! 

Our event allows CrossFit gyms across the southwest region to showcase their hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. 

Most importantly it is a lot of fun!

The Conquest 2018 Divisions

  • Firebreather - coed partners      
  • RX Division - same sex partners  
  • Scaled Division - same sex partners

Kids Divisions

  •  4-6 year olds - partner of their choice               
  •  7-9 year olds - partner of their choice            
  • 10-12 year olds - same sex partners
  • 13-16 year olds - same sex partners

Registration Page

Division Requirements


Judges and volunteers needed.  If interested, please register as a judge or volunteer. Email questions or concerns to events@dukecitycrossfit.com and follow us on Facebook.