Olympic Weightlifting's number one goal is to improve the skills and strength of its members in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Is Olympic Weightlifting Safe?

Various studies were done showing Olympic Weightlifting to be the safest form of resistance training there is. One study assessed the injury potential and safety aspects of weightlifting movements and weightlifting proved to be the safest (Stone, Injury). Another aspect that keeps many people away from weightlifting is the supposed fatal injury to the back. Again this is a false assumption spread through ignorance. A study was done comparing weightlifting to a control group of normal active men and their back pain was assessed. It turns out that only 23% of the weightlifters experienced back pain compared to 31% of the normal active men (Granhed). 

What are the Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting?

Another benefit of weightlifting is the amount of muscles used in the lifts. The lifts involve basically every muscle in the human body and this entails a great workout. Olympic Weightlifting also forces stabilizer muscles to activate to secure the weight overhead in the lifts.

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Why Olympic Weightlifting?

  • The basic movements test for explosive strength, while taking the whole body through it’s maximum range of motion.
  • During the lifts the body must work as a whole, so you are getting a great workout
  • CrossFit Weightlifting encompasses all 10 of the CrossFit general skills
  • By using our bodies as a whole, each piece gets stronger
  • The lifts are inherently dynamic, technical and fast