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2015 Crossfit Games Open Athlete Recap


Did you hear that? It was the collective sigh and cheer of a few hundred thousand people celebrating the end of the CrossFit Open! You made it through five weeks of tough workouts. You pushed yourself harder than you thought you could, and now it’s time to get back to training for the year to come. I asked Amanda Chavez, Carlos Sanchez, Marisol Gensamer, Amanda Solosky, and Issac Sisneros about their experience with this year's Open.

-Was this your first Open?  If yes, how was your overall experience?  If not, how did this year differ from previous years?

Mari -   The 2015 Open was the third year I participated in the CF Open. This year was even more exciting for me because I had my daughter by my side cheering me on for each WOD. I was also happy to see that there was a scaled version of each WOD and I was able to participate to my fullest ability on each. 

Amanda C. -  No, this was my second. I signed up last year a few months after coming to duke city. I was able to do more movements this year.

Carlos -  No, this is not my first Crossfit open experience last year was. This year differed from last year not only because of the workouts but because of the strength I gained in the past year doing Crossfit. I felt a huge improvement in my ability to push through a tough workout and not only feel good about myself but also getting the feeling of accoplishing  something.  

Amanda S. -  Yes.  It made me realize that the Open is very much a combination of being both physically and mentally capable.

.Issac -  This was my 5th CrossFit Open. I have done everyone since 2011 with my best placing 101 in the SW Region.


-Does it feel different doing the Open WODS, as opposed to a regular workout?  Why, or why not?

Mari -  The atmosphere DCCF sets up for the athletes makes the open feel more exciting than just a regular WOD. The Open WODs feel more like a competition that makes you want to give 110% and leave it all out on the floor.You have fellow athletes and many coaches surrounding you encouraging each rep for the duration of the WOD. During a regular WOD you have your coaches encouragement but you are missing the over all electricity that everyone brings during the Open.

Amanda C. -  Yes, it's a lot different because you are being judged and it's not very often or at all that you would no rep yourself during a regular workout.

Carlos -  Not really. To me all Crossfit WOD are the same because they are all horrible haha. But I feel that they all have the same affect on people. The anticipation building up before the WOD where your standing there somewhat thinking to yourself why you are doing this, the time during the WOD where your questioning why you do Crossfit at all, and then finishing the WOD where you feel great about finishing and pushing through the pain and telling yourself that this is why you do Crossfit.

Amanda S. -  Absolutely. The mental pressure of performing at your peak and fear of failing publicly during an Open WOD is palpable.  I would literally have to mentaly prepare myself by saying  "It's just a normal WOD...nothing different about it"...then I though about a tiny Yoda coach saying to me "Try not. Do or Do Not, There is no try." 

Issac -  It Definitely feels different. The adrenaline is high and the vibe in the box is through the roof! I always seem to push myself beyond what I thought was capable. 


-Which was your favorite WOD this year?  Why?

Mari -  I enjoyed 15.1a. I hit a PR on the Clean and Jerk!

Amanda C. -  My favorite was 15.5 because it was horrible. (Coach) Jon kept telling me to pick up the bar and I didn't think that I physically could. It was awful.. I loved it.

Carlos - I think my favorite WOD was probably 15.1.  This was my favorite because of the movements involved.  An AMRAP T2B, deadlifts and snatches!  Some of my favorite movements put into one workout.  During this AMRAP I felt great! And had an awesome judge pushing me and helping me focus to keep moving.  Proud of my round I moved on to max clean and jerk and had a 10lbs PR! That was the highlight of the open for me and definitely a score I will always be proud of!

Amanda S. -  15.4- I PR'ed since I had never done HSPU unscaled before that WOD, and my existing one rep max for cleans was 125, so I was really proud of my 23 rep total. 

Issac -  Favorite WOD This year Was the Muscle Up/Wall-Ball/Double Under WOD. I loved the combo! and thought that it was a major curve ball that they had MU as the first movement.


-What is the one movement, if any, from this year's Open that you feel you need to work on most?

Mari -  It would be amazing if I could ever do a MU, but realistically I need to get to work on my snatch.

Amanda C. -  There's so many things I need to work on but it would have to be darn chest to bar.  I feel that I'm almost there but not really haha.

Carlos -  That's an easy one. Thrusters! They always make the last WOD the worst! I don't know why but I can never seem to calm down my breathing or break up my reps without wanting to throw up. 

Amanda S. - CTB- Another PR during the Open, but it was pitiful and I should be stronger at that movement.

Issac -  All of them! ha ha. For me I need to keep up on mobility, this year I did the open with a “stiff shoulder” (this is why I had to do T2B and C2B with a switch grip) The doctor said nothing is wrong and its all age appropriate wear and tear. ha ha


That's a wrap!  Congratulations to all of the PRs this year and everyone's hard work in general.  We all had a blast here at DCCF this Open season, and we're looking forward to the challenges that we'll see next year.  Train hard!