Mobility: Banded Hamstring distraction 2:00 per side

Banded ankle distraction 2:00 ps

Warm up


5 big fig 8s

8 pistol negatives

8 lunges

10 Good Mornings

5 light RKB swings


Skill: 5:00 min EMOM

5 pistols ( work on quality, scale as needed to perform a unilateral movement)



Deadlift-20 mins to find a new 5 RM- reset at bottom

Suggested Warm-up 6@50%, 4@60%, 4@70%

Conditioning: (G)

16 min EMOM

Odd: 30sec max Box jumps 24/20”

Even: 30 sec max T2B

Try to keep BJ and t2b at the same level throughout. Practice pacing for duration.(scale to dragon flies  or strict knees to chest,elbows,straight leg lifts- NO Swinging)

Cool down & Mobility

3x10 Hollow rocks

3x10 supermans

Foam Roll T-spine