Warm Up and Skill

Mobility: Banded Overhead tricep distraction 2:00

Banded double are distraction 2:00

Warm up: 10 PVC push press

10 PVC behind the neck push press

10 pass through

10 fig 8s

Grab BB repeat with bar use PVC for PT&8s

3x 10 each ITY with 2.5-5# plates

Skill: Strict T2B- 5 min EMOM 5-10 per min (scale to dragon flies https://youtu.be/znXA1dGGltY  or strict knees to chest,elbows,straight leg lifts- NO Swinging)




Shoulder Press-

4x5 @ +5# from last week





10 rnds

100m sprint

10 pull ups

100m sprint

10 burpees

Rest :30sec


Cool down and Mobility:

Static stretch- 30 sec each 3x

Up Dog, Down Dog

Child's pose

Child's pose with twist left then right

Archer's pose