IMG_5406 Every couple of weeks we'll be putting the spotlight on one of our awesome athletes here at Duke City Crossfit in a new series titled "Athlete Profiles."


Name:  Mikki Baca

Hometown: Pine Ridge, SD

Occupation: Social Worker


Mikki joins us at least 4 times a week, but she says she always tries to make it 5-6 times and always feels better for when she is successful.  She is a mother, and was an avid runner before she found Crossfit.

I would definitely consider myself a runner.  I've run the La Luz Trail Run twice, and I plan on doing it again in the future.  I still run 3 to 6 miles on the weekends... Unless it's cold!  I initially began Crossfit when a friend was attempting to begin a career in personal training.  He gave me free classes in his garage for a year.  I started at Duke City Crossfit in 2013 after my child turned 4 months old.

I initially came to DCCF because my husband (Chris Baca) is friends, and went to school, with a lot of the coaches.  He had been going for 2 years before I started.


Mikki had some reservations about starting, but those were quickly set aside.

I was super nervous starting out, but I had seen a lot of people at local competitions, and they were all close like family.  I love that everything is very family oriented.  The Girls WODS are so much fun, and all of the coaches are awesome.  I find that the longer I stick with it, the stronger I want to get, and I'm really focused on proper form and technique.



She goes on to talk about some of her proudest moments doing Crossfit, and how she stays motivated.

My biggest achievement so far has been a 105 lbs overhead squat PR.  My friends and family are constantly pushing me to be better, and the Nutrition Challenge has been a great way to transform the way I eat.  Crossfit helps me show my children a healthier lifestyle, and especially to my daughter that women can be strong too!  I have made some wonderful/awesome friendships that keep me coming back every day to see their smiling faces.


Thanks for sharing your experiences Mikki, and we'll see you at the box!