I have been hearing this a lot in the box lately.  Members are coming in,  throwing down each day and giving it all they got, writing their scores up on the board (or not) and leaving discouraged cause they did not “beat” their friend. We are at the end of the CrossFit Games Open season and I’m sure that this has brought out the inner competitor in all of us. Competition is healthy and actually pushes us to do things that we never thought possible but who are we competing against? We are all here for different reasons; to play with grandkids, to be ready for a possible life safety situation, to get rid of medication dependency, to loose weight, to be faster, to compete in fitness competitions or just look sexy naked. You get the point, we all have different motivations to be here each day. So why are we competing against others who have completely different goals in their fitness journey?

In CrossFit everything we do has a running clock pushing each of us to increase the intensity which bring results and that is proven to work (that’s a whole other blog post!) but we to often get caught up trying to beat the person next to us. Like I said before competition is healthy and you all have seen the results of pushing hard in this “competition” setting but it is time to re-evaluate why we are here.

I encourage each of you to write down a goal and determine why you are here, after that I want you to come in each day and compete against nobody but yourself. We all have different battles in our lives, concentrate on YOUR battle.  Your goal may be to do a push-up without your knees on the ground while the person next to you may have a goal to get their first muscle up or Snatch over 225, each of these are huge accomplishments and I guarantee the feeling of victory will feel the same for each person. Be proud of where you are in your fitness journey and continue to compete against yourself, win the small battles each day and celebrate everybody's accomplishments as a community. Duke City CrossFit's goal is to be 1% better each day. Set you goals and be better than you were yesterday!