Anyone that Crossfits, or that is involved with Crossfit, understands that cliques are created within it. CrossFit has become so much more than just fitness; there's fashion, friends, and then exercise, right? We all should feel like cool kids when we walk into the box. Sometimes it might feel like high school again. It comes down to the way you represent yourself in the box.


I feel that the more positive and friendly you are to everyone, the more respect you get back. At least, that’s how it should be. I understand how you might feel intimidated walking in the gym for the first time, not knowing anyone, seeing heavyweight bars and ropes. Hopefully this only lasts for a moment because someone will come up to you and introduce themselves. Then, hopefully, you realize how all of these people are super nice and welcoming.

Sometimes cliques within the box form due to people having commonalities: being able to lifting the same weight on the bar, having the same movement proficiencies, and, on the flip side of that, having the same weaknesses. I feel like this is a positive thing!  It is awesome to meet new people, stay positive, tackle the same challenges, share the same vibes and grow with each other. I feel that this whole social-fitness environment is very contagious.  When people get into it, they DIVE into it.  We all should be supportive of that!


Don’t lose sight of why you got into Crossfit in the first place.  Stay positive, be happy, be respectful and always be welcoming to everyone you encounter on your journey.  The next time you walk into the gym and you see a new face, or maybe you’ve even forgotten who someone is… take the time to walk up and say, “Hello.”  Introduce yourself and be social!  That’s what this community is built on.

-Coach Casey