The Crossfit Open competition series is finally here!  The Open marks the first of three stages on the way to the Crossfit Games, and is an open assembly for you all to test your fitness.  Each week, Crossfit HQ releases a workout that must then be judged and submitted to a virtual leaderboard where you can check your scores against athletes all over the world.  I asked several athletes the question, "What were your expectations and overall experience with Open Workout 15.1/15.1A?"  Here's what they had to say!

IMG_6076Ruth on 15.1A

Jennifer Garcia

"The open is always such a great experience. I knew going into 15.1 that I was going to have a hard time with the 75 pound snatches (I struggle with anything with weight overhead). I knew I had to take it one rep at a time and just get it DONE! During the open I get to prove to myself that I can do what I thought was the impossible. The intensity was high and having all my friends at DCCF cheering me on was amazing!"

Adam Villegas

"I expected just another traditional Metcon of getting a certain amount of reps for time. What surprised me was 15.1a which involved a 1RM Clean & Jerk immediately following 15.1. My first thought was that Crossfit isn't making these workouts for everyone, hence the new scale version. I knew I wasn't going to do well in the first portion but I was excited to set a new PR on my C&J after being put under great fatigue. I'd have to say the workout for me was very exciting and such a rush that I'm dying to know what other complex workouts are to come."

IMG_6059Maddy Meyers

Carly Newlands

"It’s Crossfit, so I really didn’t have any expectations. At this point, you need to be prepared for anything and everything. Athletes are continuing to get faster and stronger….and younger….thus making it that much more competitive. I did like with a very gymnastics heavy workout (T2B) a strength portion as well. "

Derek Scott

"Once 15.1 and 15.1a released this past Thursday with a double workout being part of the open I was very excited.  My initial expectations were to get over 5 rounds and close to my PR of 245 for the c&j.  I hit both goals and a PR on the c&j.  This workout this past week was a true test of grip, pace control, and finished off with strength. These style workouts are going to allow the well rounded athletes to show their skills the best rather than just one workout only showing one area.  This new regime for the open is going to add more excitement if they continue on this path of multiple workouts in conjunction with each other.  This open season is going to be exciting every week just as usual."

Make sure to join us each Friday night for the next month for our Open Throwdown at 5:30! Bring your friends and family, and help cheer everyone on!

IMG_6064Everyone cheering each other on Friday night