What is Cross Fit Kids and what is our ultimate goal?
Most Parents ask the question, “Why should I pay for my child just to exercise?”
By using activities that kids naturally enjoy, Duke City’s “Little Beasts” provides a fitness program that is safe, fun, energetic and helps develop leadership skills. At Duke City we use a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning in children. Basically it’s organized play!
Our goal is to make fitness FUN, a place where kids relate to making friends, are not afraid to try something new and where they know they always have support. While participating in the Crossfit kids program you will see your kids learning technique in new skills, you will notice that they start  making better food choices, they have greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, and of course they love to brag about how strong they are or how they can beat you in a workout. They become more focused in school, are able to transition to new sports more easily, and are less likely to get hurt in related sports.
Some of our commitments are:
-We teach children to become successful leaders.
-We provide a safe and positive learning environment. 
-We promote life long physical and mental health.
-We teach our kids to have the confidence to peer coach and encourage.
-We teach children that when you walk in to the “Box” the focus is on being the best YOU.
-We will bring out the champion in your child!
We teach the 10 general physical skills. These skills are the baseline for any sport or discipline your child may pursue. Improvements in these physical capacities will directly lead your child to having an increased ability to learn and succeed in other sports. Our classes include running, rowing, jump rope, gymnastics, weight lifting and body weight movements. 
The 10 General Physical Skills:
Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
We would like to invite you to come out and watch one of our classes have fun. First class is always free, and we would love to have you!  Support the future of not only your home gym, but the sport!
Call Duke City Crossfit directly at 505-933-9348 or contact us via email at
-Coach Teresa & Coach Jessica