A little background on DCCF. We started in a park (Tiguex) a few years back and from there we opened up the location where we are currently.  Since moving into our current location we have already expanded this area two times. There are several core members that have been with us from the beginning, either from the park or first few months of being in the box and as the Box grew and the fitness levels improved the programming evolved with it to cater to our members. We have seen so many lives change within these walls. The issue that we are running into is the fact that our programming has kept up with our founding members and is perfect for them but we are getting a lot of new members who may not be ready for this kind of intensity and need to dial it back. How do we continue to give the advanced athletes the intensity they need while not overwhelming the new athlete.

Answer? Levels.

Duke City CrossFit will now be implement a level system into our daily programming, but first you need to know what level you are and what program you will be following. In order for us to figure out what level you are on we have to perform several tests. These tests are designed to test strength, skills, and metabolic conditioning.

For some this may be a real eye opener, you may end up on a level that is less OR higher than you thought. Whatever level you are on you will have to trust the process and realize that you have some weakness to work on. Following the program will get you to the next level.

What are the levels? Basically we will have 4 different levels.

Level 1.  Designed for those members that are new to CrossFit or just getting back into fitness, they are the athletes who just came out of the On-Ramp. Main focus is going to be on proper form and body mechanics, will get a good warm up and break down of all movements that will be in the WOD.

Level 2.  This level is designed for athletes who have been coming to the box for a while and demonstrate good body mechanics/form. These athletes may be performing some WODs as RX but not able to perform every WOD as RX. The focus for these athletes to to build on mechanics are working on consistency. For most members this level is going to be the goal of their fitness journey. This is also the Level of “RX”

Level 3. This level is designed for athletes who have the mechanics, consistency and are now working on intensity. These are also the athletes that are competing in the RX level and able to do all movements as RX.

Level 4. This level is designed for athletes who have mechanics, consistency and intensity. These athletes are performing at a high level of athleticism and can usually adapt to any task given. They are competing in “FireBreather” competitions and regionals.

Here is how it will work on a daily basis.

Level 1 and 2 athletes will come in just like any other day to a coach lead class. The only difference is that there will no longer be a strength/skill portion of the class (note: there will be extra work posted so you can work on that if needed). Instead, the coach will be able to spend more time on a proper warm up and have more time to go over all the movements that you are about to encounter in the WOD. The coach will break down each movement working on form and mechanics while building on consistency.

While these athletes are working with coaches, level 3 and 4 athletes will be in the extra room following a separate board and working on special skill and strengths. These athletes already demonstrate proper form and consistency and can handle the extra intensity.

When It is time to do the WOD the coach will call out to all athletes and let them know the WOD is about to start. At this point all the levels will come together in the main gym and everybody does the same WOD together.

Starting this Monday we will be testing, so that the following week we can start using the new levels. We will be conducting these benchmark tests every 6 months. DCCF will be keeping track of how you score, so that at the end of the week you will know your current Level.  If you can’t make it to the box everyday during the benchmark testing, we will have some Open WOD time scheduled during the following weekend so that you can come in and perform what ever test you missed. The overview of what we will be testing on each of the 5 days is shown above.

There you go. This is how Duke City CrossFit will be running from now on. Please be humble and trust the process. See you in the box!!