While browsing the internet the other day, I stumbled across a very interesting little article.  This article had to do with integrity inside the gym.  Now, for the most part, I believe that people are honest and hard-working at the box.  They work their asses off and just want to see results and feel like they belong and are part of the CrossFit family we all love.  

But, there are a few exceptions in every box across the world.  Here is the link to the article:


This guy makes some great points and speaks the truth.  Cheating is the giant elephant in the room.  It happens daily, but no one likes to talk about it or confront people about it.


One point the gentlemen does make is that the "corner cutter" is only cheating him/herself.  I don’t think this is necessarily true.  What about the people that are trying to keep up with, compare or even compete with that corner cutter??  Is it fair for that person to maybe feel like they are being outworked?


Boxes, coaches and other athletes build up high expectations for people. When a competition comes around, or The Open, most "corner cutters" won't show up with great scores or numbers.... so again not just hurting him/herself.


Bottom line: show up, word hard, kick ass, and stay true to yourself.  You have nothing to gain from cutting corners