Strength.  noun.  1.  The quality of being strong. 2. The power to resist force, strain, or stress; toughness; solidity.  3.  The power to sustain or resist an attack. 4. Power or capability. 5. Moral courage or power. Recently while driving home after one of my “strength” workouts, I was thinking of the actual meaning of the word strength.  Most of us think of being strong as a physical state of being.  If we look at the true definition, there is so much more meaning to the word strength.

The quality of being strong; I will list this definition under the physical aspect of the word.  Enough can’t be said of the importance of being physically strong.  Simple tasks such as doing yard work, cleaning house, or playing with our children require us to display physical strength.  If we add the fact that many of us have to earn a living at a job, whether it be a sitting job or a physically taxing job, strength factors in to the equation.  If we are at job that requires us to sit all day, we are at risk of losing our physical conditioning and strength. We also increase our risk of health problems later on down the road.  If our job is a physically demanding job, it is very important that we are able to maintain our physical strength, so that we can perform our job in the most effective way possible.

The power to resist force, strain, or stress; toughness; solidity is a byproduct of physical strength.  Through a true strength program all of the above listed is acquired.  As we lift weights or increase our work capacity through running, jumping, climbing, and basic body weight movements we increase our capacity to withstand strain or stress and build overall toughness.  This is very important for dealing with the stress of day to day life.

The power to sustain or resist an attack.  This might not sound like it would apply to the average person, but this hits on the most primal aspect of being human.  Like the saying goes, strong people are harder to kill.  The reality is that we live in an unpredictable and potentially violent world and something violent or traumatic could happen.  I know that through my strength training journey I have developed the confidence needed to feel that I could protect myself and my family if the time ever came.  From what I have heard, zombies can be pretty strong.

Moral courage or power is the one that hits home for me.  Along my strength journey I have learned a tremendous amount about myself morally.  At the age of 17 my fitness motivation was very superficial.   I just wanted to look good, but as I began to build physical strength my mental strength grew with it.  The more I trained the more courage I developed.  I started to believe that I could achieve so much more.  Fast forward 18 years to today. I have achieved all of my goals.  I truly credit my willingness to keep trying to increase my physical strength and pushing my mind and body to its limits, has made me in to the person I am proud to be today.  No matter if your goals are very simple just remember that if you stay strong and stay the course anything is possible.  Enjoy your journey.