Image-1 I must say that I am honored and blessed to be an ABQ Uptown lululemon ambassador. Since being chosen as the 5th of 6 store ambassadors I have been asked many times, What does it mean to be an ambassador?

Here is what is posted on the website when you search for ambassador.

store ambassadors

Best all-around? This crew is top of the class. Our store ambassadors are inspirational leaders in your community. Yoga teachers, personal trainers, run mavens and more with a passion for elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.

This pretty much sums up who they are looking for when choosing. Not only are you named ambassador, you get your picture up in the store for 2 years and get to wear the sweet lululemon gear. But that still doesn't answer the question. What is an ambassador?

I met with the Awesome store manager, Brittany and we talked a little about what it means. There is so much more to being an ambassador than just sporting the cool gear.

To me, being ambassador is bigger and means much more. As you all know, I am very much into fitness and community; that is why I love CrossFit and believe with all my heart that fitness and community can and will change lives. Since the beginning of lululemon, they too believe in the power of community: this is why you will see them at all the races holding up funny signs to support the runners or they will be present at all the local yoga studios and CrossFit boxes around town. lululemon encourages their employees to go out and build a better community.

My goal is and always will be to build a strong fitness community. No matter what you are into, as long as you are getting fit and focusing on your health, I will support it. Now that I am an ambassador, I have teamed up with a brand that cares about community as much as I do.

Being an ambassador means that I now have the support of a world known company with the resources to make a big impact in our Fitness community here in New Mexico. I was told that being an ambassador is what I make of it, so for the next 2 years I plan on making big things happen in our community and I now  have the support of lululemon to make my dreams come true.