In this new series titled "What Have You Learned," we will hear from many Duke City Crossfit athletes about what they have learned through their Crossfit experience.  This week we hear from Manny Zubia, who has been at DCCF since January 2014.


I have learned that I can push my self more than I ever thought possible, both mentally and physically.  The coaches always push me to give that little extra in me that I never knew I had, but somehow comes out.  I’ve learned to make better choices when it comes to food, and keep a healthier diet. I’m seeing lots of improvements with my movements and lifts. I have accomplished some personal goals, but I'm still working to accomplish some more (darn overhead squats). Not giving up yet!

I attended my very first CrossFit class in January of 2014, and I loved it right from day one.  I remember the high energy transmitted from the first coaches I met: Casey and Eric.  It was just contagious.




So what started you on your Crossfit journey?

I needed an effective and enjoyable way of exercise to get in shape. I wanted something that I was going to stick with and not get bored of.  A very good friend of mine recommended that I try CrossFit. It took three months going back and forth before checking out Duke City CrossFit;  I even drove by a few times.

I love the high-energy atmosphere present in every WOD. I love the friendly competition; this just pushes me to do better.  I enjoy having the workouts planned for me, and that every day is a different WOD.  There is no repetition or routine here.  All the coaches at Duke City are awesome.  When I’m feeling like doing minimal effort, somehow they notice... they come by and boost my mood so that I can give that extra push.  And, of course, I enjoy the social aspect of it.


So true, Manny!  The community and social aspect is one of the best parts of Crossfit.  Thanks for sharing, and keep up the hard work!