IMG_6251Continuing with the series "What Have You Learned?", this week we hear from Sammy Saavedra.  Sammy has been coming to Duke City Crossfit for a solid year now, and has been Crossfitting for 2+ years.  She shares why she started and where it's brought her.

I've learned that I am a whole lot stronger than I thought... physically and mentally.  I've learned that I have no limits to what I can do as long as I believe in myself, and lastly, I've learned to be more positive in AND outside the gym.  I started around 2 years ago at Sandia Crossfit, just going every once in a while, but have been doing it consistently with Anna and here at Duke City since may 2014.


...and what brought you to Crossfit?

I started doing Crossfit because it spoke to me more than any other type of exercise.  Also, everyone involved is so friendly and inspiring to each other.  The thing I love the most about Duke City is that its the most welcoming box I've ever been to. I've made so many friends here. From day one, everybody's been so nice and uplifting to me.  I love all of the coaches and how helpful and precise they are about all of the movements.

Excellent, Sammy!  Thanks for being such an excellent athlete and friend to everyone here at DCCF.  Keep up the good work!