For me this question is simple, it is the fact that CrossFit is based on COMMUNITY!  The workouts that are programmed on and at Duke City are WOD's that can be done in a garage.  It is the community surrounding the workout that makes it enjoyable.  There is nothing like the push of a crowd screaming for you to move faster, or a high five from your partner after an awful workout.  There is nothing better than the best hour of your day being one spent in pools of sweat and hard work.  Most people walk into DCCF as a stranger, with the feeling of intimidation and uncertainty, but soon find a second family.  DCCF prides itself on the sense of family and making every person that walks into our door comfortable and excited for whats to come.

The Duke City Family often arranges activities outside of the gym that consist of hiking, biking, lake trips, dinners etc.  To me this is the reason that CrossFit is amazing.  Getting like minded people together to participate in athletic activities and do nothing more than socialize is what makes all the hard work worth it.  CrossFit is not easy, and its not supposed to be.  But the support of so many people is the reason that CrossFit is the best and most functional type of workout.  And with the support of the Duke City Family makes Duke City CrossFit the best box around.
March 2014 Bike Ride Start